Amey Porobo Dharwadker


Amey Porobo Dharwadker works as a Machine Learning Engineering Manager, leading Facebook's Video Recommendations Ranking team. Renowned for his expertise in developing cutting-edge ML algorithms, he has significantly enhanced the accuracy and effectiveness of video recommendations for billions of users globally. His pivotal contributions power the recommendation engine for Facebook Watch and Reels, reaching over 1.25 billion users monthly. Prior to this, he played a key role in advancing Facebook's News Feed and Ads Machine Learning ranking systems.

He has published several research papers in the domain of machine learning and large-scale recommendation systems. He also serves as a regular program committee member for esteemed international AI conferences such as AAAI, IJCAI, CIKM, AISTATS, ECIR, WebConf, etc. and co-organizes the VideoRecsys workshop at the ACM RecSys conference. He is a sought-after speaker at prestigious AI and Machine Learning conferences worldwide, covering topics like recommender systems, large language models and deep learning. A recipient of numerous awards, his exceptional professional accomplishments underscore his lasting impact on the field.

Amey's Work