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Through new experiences in Meta AI, and enhanced capabilities in Llama 3.1, we're creating the next generation of AI to help you discover new possibilities and expand your world.

Meta AI

Learn, create and do more with Meta AI

Meta AI is an intelligent assistant that helps you connect with the things that matter to you. Meta AI can answer your questions, give you advice, create images and more.

Meta AI is available in select languages and countries only, with more coming soon.

Build the future of AI with Llama 3.1, now with 405B

The latest release of Llama 3.1 includes enhanced reasoning and coding capabilities, multilingual support, an all-new reference system and instruction-tuned versions in 8B, 70B and 405B – the largest open model available.

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Build the future of AI with                                                                                          Llama 3.1, now with 405B

Meta AI

Research for the benefit of all

Together, we’re responsibly advancing the state-of-the-art in AI through fundamental and applied research.
We’re using these learnings to create products and experiences that benefit everyone.

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