TorchCraft is a library that enables AI research on real-time strategy (RTS) games such as StarCraft: Brood War. It makes it easier to control RTS games from machine learning frameworks through a client / server architecture, and enables researchers to serialize whole game states.

Machine learning research for RTS games

TorchCraft is a Brood War API (BWAPI) module that sends StarCraft data out over a ZMQ connection, allowing researchers to parse StarCraft data and interact with BWAPI from C++, Python (PyTorch-friendly), and Lua (Torch-friendlfriendly).

Get Started


Install StarCraft: Brood War (you will need to get a license), enter the game, and create a character.


Follow the TorchCraft installation directions to copy common prerequisites, add the AIModule and AIClient, and develop the TorchCraft Server.


(Optional) Install the Torch client or PyTorch, and start using examples.

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