System cards

System cards are designed to help people better understand how our artificial intelligence (AI) systems work.

System cards

Multimodal generative AI systems

Multimodal generative AI systems can accept multiple types of inputs, such as text and images, and produce various forms of output.

AI systems that generate text

Meta's text-generating AI systems can answer questions and have conversations based on text entered as prompts.

AI systems that generate images

Meta’s image-generating AI systems can create images based on descriptive text entered as prompts.

Instagram feed ranking

Feed ranking for Instagram prioritizes content to help people see the posts they’re most likely to find interesting, or want to engage with.

Social commerce

Social commerce model is an AI system that helps connect people to products from businesses and creators that are interesting to them.

Our approach to explaining ranking

AI systems inform the ranking of content for many experiences on Meta's products, such as viewing Facebook Feed, watching reels on Instagram or browsing Facebook Marketplace.

Responsible AI

The role of system cards in creating transparency

Our mission is to ensure that AI at Meta benefits people and society. System cards are one of the ways we deliver on this intention through their role in creating more transparency and control around how a person’s data is collected and used.

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