Replay: Multi-modal Multi-view Acted Videos for Casual Holography

July 02, 2023


We introduce Replay, a collection of multi-view, multi-modal videos of humans interacting socially. Each scene is filmed in high production quality, from different viewpoints with several static cameras, as well as wearable action cameras, and recorded with a large array of microphones at different positions in the room. Overall, the dataset contains over 3000 minutes of footage and over 5 million timestamped high-resolution frames annotated with camera poses and partially with foreground masks. The Replay dataset has many potential applications, such as novel-view synthesis, 3D reconstruction, novel-view acoustic synthesis, human body and face analysis, and training generative models. We provide a benchmark for training and evaluating novel-view synthesis, with two scenarios of different difficulty. Finally, we evaluate several baseline state-of-the-art methods on the new benchmark.

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Written by

Roman Shapovalov

Andrea Vedaldi

Benjamin Graham

David Novotny

Filippos Kokkinos

Ignacio Rocco

Natalia Neverova

Yanir Kleiman

Changan Chen



Research Topics

Computer Vision

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