PyTouch: A Machine Learning Library for Touch Processing

February 18, 2022


With the increased availability of rich tactile sensors, there is an an equally proportional need for open-source and integrated software capable of efficiently and effectively processing raw touch measurements into high-level signals that can be used for control and decision-making. In this paper, we present PyTouch – the first machine learning library dedicated to the processing of touch sensing signals. PyTouch, is designed to be modular, easy-to-use and provides state-of-the-art touch processing capabilities as a service with the goal of unifying the tactile sensing community by providing a library for building scalable, proven, and performance-validated modules over which applications and research can be built upon. We evaluate PyTouch on real-world data from several tactile sensors on touch processing tasks such as touch detection, slip and object pose estimations. PyTouch is open-sourced at

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Written by

Roberto Calandra

Huazhe Xu

Mike Lambeta

Po-Wei Chou

Shaoxiong Wang

Jingwei Xu

Trevor Darrell



Research Topics


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