MBRL-Lib: A Modular Library for Model-based Reinforcement Learning

April 20, 2021


Model-based reinforcement learning is a compelling framework for data-efficient learning of agents that interact with the world. This family of algorithms has many components that need to be carefully selected and tuned. As a result the entry-bar for researchers to approach the field and to deploy it in real-world tasks can be daunting. In this paper, we present MBRL-Lib – a machine learning library for model-based reinforcement learning in continuous state-action spaces based on PyTorch. MBRL-Lib is designed as a platform for both researchers, to easily develop, debug and compare new algorithms, and non-expert user, to lower the entry-bar of deploying state-of-the-art algorithms. MBRL-Lib is open-source at https://github.com/facebookresearch/mbrl-lib.

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Written by

Luis Pineda

Amy Zhang

Brandon Amos

Roberto Calandra

Nathan Lambert



Research Topics

Reinforcement Learning

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