Make-A-Scene: Scene-Based Text-to-Image Generation with Human Priors

July 26, 2022


Recent text-to-image generation methods provide a simple yet exciting conversion capability between text and image domains. While these methods have incrementally improved the generated image fidelity and text relevancy, several pivotal gaps remain unanswered, limiting applicability and quality. We propose a novel text-to-image method that addresses these gaps by (i) enabling a simple control mechanism complementary to text in the form of a scene, (ii) introducing elements that substantially improve the tokenization process by employing domain-specific knowledge over key image regions (faces and salient objects), and (iii) adapting classifier-free guidance for the transformer use case. Our model achieves state-of-the-art FID and human evaluation results, unlocking the ability to generate high fidelity images in a resolution of 512x512 pixels, significantly improving visual quality. Through scene controllability, we introduce several new capabilities: (i) Scene editing, (ii) text editing with anchor scenes, (iii) overcoming out-of-distribution text prompts, and (iv) story illustration generation, as demonstrated in the story we wrote.

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Written by

Oran Gafni

Adam Polyak

Devi Parikh

Oron Ashual

Shelly Sheynin

Yaniv Taigman



Research Topics

Computer Vision

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