GL-RG: Global-Local Representation Granularity for Video Captioning

May 04, 2022


Video captioning is a challenging task as it needs to accurately transform visual understanding into natural language description. To date, state-of-the-art methods inadequately model global-local representation across video frames for caption generation, leaving plenty of room for improvement. In this work, we approach the video captioning task from a new perspective and propose a GL-RG frame- work for video captioning, namely a Global-Local Representation Granularity. Our GL-RG demonstrates three advantages over the prior efforts: 1) we explicitly exploit extensive visual representations from different video ranges to improve linguistic expression; 2) we devise a novel global-local encoder to produce rich semantic vocabulary to obtain a descriptive granularity of video contents across frames; 3) we develop an incremental train- ing strategy which organizes model learning in an incremental fashion to incur an optimal captioning behavior. Experimental results on the challenging MSR-VTT and MSVD datasets show that our DL-RG outperforms recent state-of-the-art methods by a significant margin.

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Written by

Qifan Wang

Dongfang Liu

Fuli Feng

Liqi Yan

Xiangyu Zhang

Xiaojun Quan

Yiming Cui



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