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Ego4D: Around the World in 3,000 Hours of Egocentric Video

October 14, 2021


We introduce Ego4D, a massive-scale egocentric video dataset and benchmark suite. It offers 3,025 hours of dailylife activity video spanning hundreds of scenarios (household, outdoor, workplace, leisure, etc.) captured by 855 unique camera wearers from 74 worldwide locations and 9 different countries. The approach to collection is designed to uphold rigorous privacy and ethics standards with consenting participants and robust de-identification procedures where relevant. Ego4D dramatically expands the volume of diverse egocentric video footage publicly available to the research community. Portions of the video are accompanied by audio, 3D meshes of the environment, eye gaze, stereo, and/or synchronized videos from multiple egocentric cameras at the same event. Furthermore, we present a host of new benchmark challenges centered around understanding the first-person visual experience in the past (querying an episodic memory), present (analyzing hand-object manipulation, audio-visual conversation, and social interactions), and future (forecasting activities). By publicly sharing this massive annotated dataset and benchmark suite, we aim to push the frontier of first-person perception.
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Written by

Kristen Grauman

Andrew Westbury

Eugene Byrne

Zachary Chavis

Antonino Furnari

Rohit Girdhar

Jackson Hamburger

Hao Jiang

Miao Liu

Xingyu Liu

Miguel Martin

Tushar Nagarajan

Ilija Radosavovic

Santhosh Ramakrishnan

Fiona Ryan

Jayant Sharma

Michael Wray

Mengmeng Xu

Eric Zhongcong Xu

Chen Zhao

Siddhant Bansal

Dhruv Batra

Vincent Cartillier

Sean Crane

Tien Do

Akshay Erapall

Christoph Feichtenhofer

Adriano Fragomeni

Qichen Fu

Christian Fuegen

Abrham Gebreselasie

Cristina Gonzalez

James Hillis

Xuhua Huang

Yifei Huang

Wenqi Jia

Weslie Khoo

Jachym Kolar

Satwik Kottur

Anurag Kumar

Federico Landini

Chao Li

Zhenqiang Li

Karttikeya Mangalam

Raghava Modhugu

Jonathan Munro

Tullie Murrell

Takumi Nishiyasu

Will Price

Paola Ruiz Puentes

Merey Ramazanova

Leda Sari

Kiran Somasundaram

Audrey Southerland

Yusuke Sugano

Ruijie Tao

Minh Vo

Yuchen Wang

Xindi Wu

Takuma Yagi

Yunyi Zhu

Pablo Arbelaez

David Crandall

Dima Damen

Giovanni Maria Farinella

Bernard Ghanem

Vamsi Krishna Ithapu

C. V. Jawahar

Hanbyul Joo

Kris Kitani

Haizhou Li

Richard Newcombe

Aude Oliva

Hyun Soo Park

James M. Rehg

Yoichi Sato

Jianbo Shi

Mike Zheng Shou

Antonio Torralba

Lorenzo Torresani

Mingfei Yan

Jitendra Malik



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