Domain-matched Pre-training Tasks for Dense Retrieval

May 06, 2022


Pre-training on larger datasets with ever increasing model size is now a proven recipe for increased performance across almost all NLP tasks. A notable exception is information retrieval, where additional pre-training has so far failed to produce convincing results. We show that, with the right pre-training setup, this barrier can be overcome. We demonstrate this by pre-training large bi-encoder models on 1) a recently released set of 65 million synthetically generated questions, and 2) 200 million post-comment pairs from a preexisting dataset of Reddit conversations made available by We evaluate on a set of information retrieval and dialogue retrieval benchmarks, showing substantial improvements over supervised baselines.

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Written by

Barlas Oguz

Aleksandra Piktus

Anchit Gupta

Kushal Lakhotia

Patrick Lewis

Scott Yih

Sebastian Riedel

Sonal Gupta

Vladimir Karpukhin

Xilun Chen

Yashar Mehdad


ACL rolling review

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