Detecting Inspiring Content on Social Media

January 01, 2022


Inspiration moves a person to see new possibilities and transforms the way they perceive their own potential. Inspiration has received little attention in psychology, and has not been researched before in the NLP community. To the best of our knowledge, this work is the first to study inspiration through machine learning methods. We aim to automatically detect inspiring content from social media data. To this end, we analyze social media posts to tease out what makes a post inspiring and what topics are inspiring. We release a dataset of 5,800 inspiring and 5,800 non-inspiring English-language public post unique ids collected from a dump of Reddit public posts made available by a third party and use linguistic heuristics to automatically detect which social media English-language posts are inspiring.

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Written by

Jane Yu

Alon Halevy

Y-Lan Boureau

Oana Ignat


Affective Computing & Intelligent Interaction

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