An Introduction to Vision-Language Modeling

June 05, 2024


Following the recent popularity of Large Language Models (LLMs), several attempts have been made to extend them to the visual domain. From having a visual assistant that could guide us through unfamiliar environments to generative models that produce images using only a high-level text description, the vision-language model (VLM) applications will significantly impact our relationship with technology. However, there are many challenges that need to be addressed to improve the reliability of those models. While language is discrete, vision evolves in a much higher dimensional space in which concepts cannot always be easily discretized. To better understand the mechanics behind mapping vision to language, we present this introduction to VLMs which we hope will help anyone who would like to enter the field. First, we introduce what VLMs are, how they work, and how to train them. Then, we present and discuss approaches to evaluate VLMs. Although this work primarily focuses on mapping images to language, we also discuss extending VLMs to videos.

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Written by

Florian Bordes

Richard Pang

Anurag Ajay

Alexander C. Li

Adrien Bardes

Suzanne Petryk

Oscar Mañas

Zhiqiu Lin

Anas Mahmoud

Bargav Jayaraman

Mark Ibrahim

Melissa Hall

Yunyang Xiong

Jonathan Lebensold

Candace Ross

Srihari Jayakumar

Chuan Guo

Diane Bouchacourt

Haider Al-Tahan

Karthik Padthe

Vasu Sharma

Hu Xu

Ellen Tan

Megan Richards

Samuel Lavoie

Pietro Astolfi

Reyhane Askari

Jun Chen

Kushal Tirumala

Rim Assouel

Mazda Moayeri

Arjang Talattof

Kamalika Chaudhuri

Zechun Liu

Xilun Chen

Quentin Garrido

Karen Ullrich

Aishwarya Agrawal

Kate Saenko

Asli Celikyilmaz

Vikas Chandra



Research Topics

Core Machine Learning

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