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Our approach

We’re advancing AI through fundamental and applied research.

The Fundamental AI Research (FAIR) team at Meta seeks to further our fundamental understanding in both new and existing domains, covering the full spectrum of topics related to AI, with the mission of advancing the state-of-the-art of AI through open research for the benefit of all.

AI at Meta engages in cutting-edge applied research that can improve and power new product experiences at huge scale for our community. Building on AI at Meta's key principles of openness, collaboration, excellence, and scale, we make big, bold research investments focused on pushing the boundaries of AI to create a more connected world.

Featured research

Driven to innovate through research and community collaboration.

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Computer Vision

Creating new ways for computers to gain a higher level of understanding of the visual world around us

Core Machine Learning

Building algorithms inspired by, and compatible with human cognition

Embodied AI/Robotics

Developing embodied agents that assist and collaborate with people in virtual and physical spaces

Generative AI

Creating AI systems that empower anyone to bring their imagination to life

Natural Language Processing

Advancing the state-of-the-art in natural language understanding and generation

Society & Responsible AI

Delivering AI research innovations and guidelines designed to help everyone benefit from AI

Speech & Audio

Creating spoken language technology to help people build community and connect with others


We’re building cutting-edge platforms to support and accelerate the growing demand of AI.

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Highlighted projects

At Meta, we conduct research to responsibly advance AI while understanding the impact our innovations have on the world.

Our aim is to shape and enhance an AI-driven future through our many, diverse fundamental and applied research projects.

Other projects

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Generative AI

Llama 2

The next generation of our open source large language model



The first AI to play Diplomacy at a human level



An AI system that generates videos from text


No Language Left Behind

Driving inclusion through the power of translation


Protein Fold

ESM Metagenomic Atlas: The first view of the ‘dark matter’ of the protein universe


Generating Biographies

Making Wikipedia more representational



Building breakthrough speech recognition with AI



Accelerating MRI scans without degrading the quality of the images


Open Catalyst

Finding more efficient and scalable ways to store and use renewable energy

Curated publications

Learn about our latest AI breakthroughs and innovations from our library of published papers.


The advancement of AI should be a shared community initiative.

From research exploration to large-scale production deployments, we share our frameworks, libraries, demos, system cards, models, tools, such as PyTorch, Glow and more.