Fabio Petroni

London, United Kingdom

Fabio is a Research Engineer at Facebook AI Research (FAIR). His research focuses on Natural Language Processing - in particular, Information Extraction, Question Answering and Knowledge Representation. Before that, he was a Research Scientist at the R&D department at Thomson Reuters and a Data Engineer at KMPG.
Fabio obtained his PhD from Sapienza University where he was part of the Research Center on Cyber Intelligence and Information Security. His thesis advisor was Prof. Leonardo Querzoni.
During his PhD he've been a Visiting Researcher at the University of Mannheim in the Data and Web Science Group under the supervision of Prof. Rainer Gemulla.

Fabio's Work

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November 04, 2019



Language Models as Knowledge Bases?

Fabio Petroni, Tim Rocktäschel, Patrick Lewis, Anton Bakhtin, Yuxiang Wu, Alexander H. Miller, Sebastian Riedel,

November 04, 2019