Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEI):

Open Innovation AI Research Community

Accepting applications through Sept 10, 2023.



We’re launching a program for academic researchers, designed to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing in the field of artificial intelligence. By joining this community, participants will have the chance to contribute to a research agenda that addresses the most pressing challenges in the field, and work together to develop innovative solutions that promote responsible and safe AI practices. We believe that by bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise, we can accelerate the pace and progress in AI research.

The Open Innovation AI Research Community will foster transparency, innovation, and collaboration. University partners will explore topics related to privacy, safety, and security of large language models, give input into the refinement of foundational models and set an agenda for future collaborative research.

The group will become a community of practice championing large open-source foundation models where partners can collaborate and engage with each other, share learnings, and raise questions on how to build responsible and safe foundation models. They will also accelerate training of the next generation of researchers. We anticipate that the community will establish the conditions to build better quality future models by growing and diversifying the community of practitioners. We believe a community with partners from diverse geographies and institutions will create a set of positive dynamics to foster more robust and representative models.

Anticipated Activities and Outputs

The research community's governance principles will ultimately be defined by its members. We expect this to be a member-led group with Meta Al serving as a facilitator. We expect several Meta Al researchers will participate in the effort. Illustrative activities and outputs may include:

  • Transparent governance model
  • Independent website
  • Slack channel(s) for information sharing
  • Published white papers/Conference submissions

As part of these activities, Meta intends to sponsor a series of workshops where participants will come together to align on the most critical open research questions and develop guidelines for responsible open source model development and release.


This community is open to professors at accredited universities anywhere in the world.

Community members should have relevant experience with Al, backgrounds in diverse research disciplines, technical capabilities to pursue research, and the ability to contribute to virtual forums and in-person workshops. Each university may have multiple participants. We encourage applications from institutions that serve underrepresented students, and institutions that are located in the Global South.

How to Apply

If you are interested in joining this community, please fill out the linked application with the requested information. Partners will be selected on a rolling basis until the application closes on Sep 10, 2023.