Powering AI innovation

Transforming our infrastructure
for the next generation of AI

To meet the demands of an AI-driven future, we’re building a new, world-class
infrastructure for Meta’s family of apps and our long-term vision of the metaverse.

Event | May 18, 2023

AI Infra @Scale

Meta’s Engineering and Infrastructure teams are sharing how Meta is investing in its AI infrastructure to power an AI-driven future. Visit the AI Infra @Scale page for the event speaker schedule.

AI Infra @Scale

Why we're building

Investing in innovation as we reimagine the future

We’re working to optimize the value and performance of our AI workloads today and beyond through the development of a next-generation AI infrastructure. These efforts are integrating specialty hardware, software, and networking components to support the creation, deployment, scaling and reliability of current and future AI applications.

Our work has already begun.

We’re already making progress on our next-generation AI infrastructure. Read our blog posts for more on the initiatives underway.

An overview


Perspectives from leadership

In this Q&A excerpt, Santosh Janardham, a key Infrastructure leader at Meta, talks about his role in shaping Meta’s infrastructure for the future.

Santosh Janardhan

Head of Infrastructure, Meta

Santosh is responsible for developing and operating the hardware, network, software, and data centers for all of Meta’s services. Read the Q&A for his take on the challenge of laying the groundwork for the future of the company’s infrastructure and more.

Read the Q&A

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An open source deep learning framework built to be flexible and modular for research, with the stability and support needed for production deployment. It enables fast, flexible experimentation through a tape-based autograd system designed for immediate and python-like execution.

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