Introducing new AI experiences from Meta

A new class of generative AI features that expand and strengthen the ways people connect with each other

Your personal assistant

Chat with Meta AI

Meta AI is an assistant you can chat with 1-on-1 or message in group chats. It can make recommendations in a pinch, make you laugh when you need a good joke, settle a debate in a group chat and generally be there to answer questions or teach you something new.

We are rolling out AIs in the US only for now. To interact with Meta AI, start a new message and select “Create an AI chat” on our messaging platforms, or type “@MetaAI” in a group chat followed by what you’d like the assistant to help with. You can also say “Hey Meta” while wearing your Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses.

Imagine with Meta AI

Need to create a custom image for a party invitation, an album cover for your imaginary band or just want to test the limits of your imagination? Now you can generate images simply by visiting and logging into

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A universe of characters

Chat with your choice of 28 AIs, each with a unique personality, mannerisms and backstory.

Creative tools

Create with AI

Generative AI enables new forms of expression, putting the power of creation in the hands of more people than ever before. Use our new suite of creative tools to turn your ideas into reality.


Building responsibly

At Meta, we’re continuously building and testing approaches that ensure our AI systems are designed for safer and more responsible use. We build safeguards into our AI features and models so people can have safer and more enjoyable experiences when engaging with our AI technologies. The custom AI models that power the new text-based experiences, like Meta AI, our LLM-powered assistant, are built on the foundation of Llama 2 and leverage its safety and responsibility training – in addition to safety measures tailored to specific features.


Want to learn more about our new AI features? Visit Meta’s newsroom and AI blog to explore the latest news and trends.