AI at Meta Connect 2023

This year we explored how AI will shape the ways people will connect, and introduced new AI experiences and features that can enhance your connections with others – and give you the tools to be more creative, expressive, and productive. We also shared how developers, researchers and builders of all kinds can work with tools like Llama to build the next wave of innovative experiences.

What’s new for Developers

This year at Connect, we covered updates for developers building new experiences for our family of apps, the metaverse and much more — plus details on new devices like Quest 3 and the next generation of Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses.


Developer state of the union

Chaya Nayak, Product Manager, Generative AI Data & Safety, Meta

Learn about all of the exciting new and updated tools, programs and features across AI, VR, MR, AR, Meta Horizon Worlds and Meta Avatars. Meta’s Chaya Nayak walked through how we’re weaving Generative AI into everything we do and the philosophy behind our open approach to today’s AI models.

Innovating with Llama

Since releasing Llama, we’ve seen a lot of momentum and innovation, with 30M+ downloads — 10 million of which were in the last 30 days alone, the open source community has really embraced our models. These sessions offer a closer look our recent work and how you can use Llama 2 in your own work.

Lightning talk

The Llama Ecosystem: Past, Present and Future

Joe Spisak, Director, Product Management, Meta

A journey through the evolution of Llama — our open source large language model. Understand its growth and the range of available models. Discover the ways developers can harness Llama’s potential and learn about the significant community impact Llama has had on the AI ecosystem.

Lightning talk

Building Meta’s next generation AI product experiences with Llama

Han Fang, Engineering Manager, GenAI, Meta
Yashar Mehdad, Engineering Manager, GenAI, Meta

An overview of how our new AI features and experiences were created — from exploring subsystems and models to understanding the role of prompts, plugins, and memory — additionally we delved into how Reinforcement Learning with User Feedback (RLUF) plays a vital role in shaping our AI Agents.

Lightning talk

Taking Llama to the Enterprise Level

Miqdad Jaffer, Director of Product, Shopify
Sreeraman Mohan Girija, Co-founder, Fynd

Enterprise adoption of generative AI is accelerating at a remarkable pace. Across these two talks, hear from Sreeraman Mohan Girija at Reliance Jio and Miqdad Jaffer from Shopify, industry pioneers who have adopted Llama to build and grow innovative products for users across their platforms.

Lightning talk

Code Llama Unlocked: The new Code Generation Model

Jeff Wang, Product Manager, Meta
Baptiste Rozière, Research Scientist, Meta

Code Llama, based on Llama 2, is one of the best-performing and most powerful code generation models available today. In this session we unveiled Code Llama’s unparalleled capabilities, its diverse applications; and how it can transform your development experience on AR, VR and MR projects.


Getting to Know Llama 2: Everything You Need to Start Building

Amit Sangani, Director, Partner Engineering, Meta

Get hands-on in this workshop that demonstrates how you can build a custom AI chatbot using Llama, Langchain, Agents and Tools. Learn how to incorporate prompt engineering and best practices for responsible AI development. And explore the cloud options that unlock seamless integration with Llama 2.

“We believe that Large Language Models and creator tools can impact people’s lives and that’s why we’re putting these tools directly into your hands so that you can innovate, you can build responsibly and contribute to the community of developers just like you.”

Chaya Nayak, Product Manager,
Generative AI Data & Safety, Meta

Generative AI

Building the future, today.

“When you look at the innovation on display today, we are taking a significant leap forward to unlock this new set of immersive experiences. AI is shaping the way we’re building the metaverse. And in turn, the metaverse is changing the way we think about AI with experiences that span different modalities, form factors, and applications that seemed like science fiction only a few years ago.”

Angela Fan, Research Scientist, Meta
Meta Connect 2023 Keynote

New AI experiences from Meta Connect 2023


AI at Meta

Check out these links to resources we shared with attendees at Connect to learn more or get started with your own project.

Llama 2
Code Llama
Colab notebook

Responsible use guide

Hugging Face
Meta Connect


There was a lot to talk about with AI at Meta Connect this year. Check out more of our announcements.

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