ACL 2023

July 9 - July 14, 2023

Meta is a Diamond sponsor of ACL 2023.

The 61st annual conference will take place July 9-14 and attendees will gather online and in person in Toronto, Canada.

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Meta AI Booth

Check out the latest work from Meta AI at booth #20!




Multimodal Model Speech

Speech Translation: Hokkien


Project Aria - a research tool for Egocentric Multi-modal AI Research

Project Aria is a research tool to help build the future, responsibly. Project Aria glasses utilize groundbreaking technology to help researchers gather information from the user’s perspective with rich sensors suite and process the information with machine perception capabilities. Aria Research Kits are used by Meta researchers, external industry and academic partners to accelerate machine perception and AI research.

Check out the latest work from Meta AI at booth #20!