About AI at Meta

We’re advancing AI for a more connected world.

Pushing the boundaries of AI through research, infrastructure and product innovation.

We’re driven to build incredible things that connect people in inspiring ways.

Because we can’t truly advance groundbreaking AI alone, we share our research and engage with the AI community to advance the science, together.

Whether it be in AI Infrastructure, Generative AI, NLP, Computer Vision or other core areas of AI, our focus is to connect people in inspiring ways through collaborative, responsible AI innovation.

The work we do

Turning ideas into innovation, together.

We’re actively building remarkable things in key areas of AI that are shaping an AI-driven future. A future we aim to enhance through our many, diverse fundamental and applied research projects.

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Innovating responsibly

Our goal is to build AI responsibly, for everyone.

Our commitment to responsible AI is driven by the belief that everyone should have equitable access to information, services, and opportunities.

Responsible AI through thoughtful collaboration

We’re exploring and discovering the frontier of AI along with everyone else. So we too need guidance as we maneuver through its many possibilities. By listening to subject matter experts, policymakers and people with lived experiences, we aim to be proactive in the promotion and advancement of responsible design and operation of AI systems. As we do so, we adhere to our organization’s core principles: Privacy & Security, Fairness & Inclusion, Robustness & Safety, Transparency & Control, Accountability & Governance.

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People and culture

The freedom to explore, discover and apply AI at scale

At Meta, we work across a set of key principles:

We believe the latest advancements in AI should be published and shared for the community to learn from and build upon.

We collaborate openly with both internal and external partners to share knowledge and cultivate diverse perspectives and needs.

There’s no shortage of new possibilities to explore in AI. While our researchers focus on what they believe will have the most positive impact on people and society, our engineers are working to deliver meaningful advancements in products and experiences for all people.

To bring the benefits of AI to more people and improve accessibility, our research must account for both large scale data and computational needs.

Our principles

Sharing our progress at industry events

Throughout the year, we connect with the AI community through a variety of virtual, in-person and hybrid industry and academic events — as a participating sponsor or as host. At these events, our engineers and researchers share our latest product developments, research breakthroughs and publications.

AI Events
Mentorship programs

Get hands-on experience in AI research

We’re passionate about introducing people to the extraordinary world of AI. Our AI Mentorship (AIM) and EMEA programs let PhD candidates conduct open science research in collaboration with their university, academic advisor, and AI at Meta mentor participants as full-time AI at Meta employees.

We currently have agreements in place with prestigious universities in the United States, France, Israel and the United Kingdom.

For more about these programs, reach out to us at MetaAIM@meta.com

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